About Us

American Heritage College provides high quality educational opportunities for those seeking an alternative to traditional educational systems.  Today’s learners want the necessary skills to obtain employment in their chosen field, and we help them to acquire those skills and find employment.  Our programs are current, aligned with students’ goals, and delivered how and when learners need them.   We understand these are working adults with competing priorities, and so we fit our courses into their busy lifestyles. We are a team of professional knowledge brokers helping to transform lives, and generations, through learning.  


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Global Accreditations

Board Of Directors

Abdi Lajevardi

Chief Executive Officer - American Heritage College

Ali Ebrahemi

Information Technology Professional

Dr. William Vega

Retired Educator

Dr. Raghu Mathur

Chancellor of the South Orange County Community College District

Ken Konesco

Retired College Executive

Ben Rajotte, Esq.


Christie Akins

Education Technology Leader

Dr. Terry Farris

Chief Academic Officer - American Heritage College

Dr. Amer El-Ahraf, REHS

Higher Education Professional - World Languages and Culture

Dr. Ali Ghalambor

Retired Educator

Sen. Richard Polanco

Retired US Senator

Madiha Nasr

Nonprofit Management Professional

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