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15 Weeks


$3000 Flexible payment available
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Program Description

This program is designed to teach English to adult learners who wish to study independently or with an English-speaking friend. The language orientation of the program is toward International English and is designed to prepare students to use the language in a variety of situations and circumstances. Some units feature English speakers with different accents, both regional and global. Graduates of the program may enter jobs requiring English proficiency and offer TOEFL preparation to those who may seek entry into higher level of education.

Why should you take this course?

You need to improve your speaking, grammar, cultural understanding, and communication skills in American English as a Second Language. 

Who Is This Program For?

This program is designed for Global Professionals who need to understand American English to succeed in today's Global Environment. He/She will be able to improve in various American English areas, including; speaking, grammar, cultural understanding, and communication. 

Program Modules

Intermediate: Level 4 and Level 5: This Level will teach advanced conversation skills utilizing Book 4 (10 courses) and Book 5 (10 courses)

Our Faculty

Terry Farris, PhD

Walden University

PhD in Educational Technolocy

Amanda Court, PhD



Abdi Lajevardi