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Program Description

The business development manager online course is designed to offer the individual business development manager certification online necessary to move confidently into the office environment. This business management training online provides basic computer, marketing and management skills and business techniques required to get jobs ranging from Administrative Assistant, Secretary, Receptionist to Office Assistant or Assistant Business Managers or Business Management Coordinators and other office employment requiring basic computer, communications and management skills.

Why should you take this course?

Do you wish to move into an office setting, or go from working outside to inside? This is the online business management certification for you.

Who Is This Program For?

Do you have team members with attributes of a person running a company?

Business management skills are usually acquired through on-the-job experience or by studying them. Let us educate your team members and provide them the business management skills from our specially designed business development manager online course that can help in every department in your company.

Program Modules

BIZ 222 Principles of Management and Organization: New managers and supervisors’ benefit from a thorough understanding of the management concepts, processes, and techniques practiced today in business, industry, and government. This course examines the basic structure of an organization, its essential managerial functions—planning, organizing, motivating, directing, controlling, leading—and how they relate to one another. Learn how effective managers orchestrate human resources along with their own energies to contribute to an organization’s achievement of its mission and bottom-line goals.

BIZ 225 Marketing Principles and Practices: Study the fundamental marketing concepts at work in today’s business environment. Explore the most relevant areas of consumer marketing, including situation analysis, the development of marketing objectives and strategies, the marketing mix, research, target marketing and segmentation, product development, as well as forecasting and budgeting. Discuss marketing language, retailing, wholesaling, promotion, and advertising functions, examine their interplay and timing, and learn how they propel a business. Consider the role of the consumer, changing lifestyles, current developments in the global market, and laws that affect marketing. This course features case studies and guest speakers.

BIZ 250 Internet Technologies for Business: Online technologies provide opportunities to manage businesses more cost effectively and solve business problems more efficiently. This course introduces managers to the full range of Internet technologies and their impact on business. Understand how to conduct commerce, provide content, create communities, work collaboratively, train employees, and manage workers remotely—all online. Become familiar with online security issues and learn to analyze the costs and benefits of implementing online solutions.

BIZ 300 Interpersonal Communication Skills: Learn specific strategies and techniques to improve your effectiveness when communicating with others. Develop an awareness of your own communication patterns and those around you. These methods can enhance your ability to build and strengthen both professional and personal relationships. Examine how to create a rapport with anyone, gain trust quickly, apply key nonverbal communication concepts and strategies that empower others to make decisions on their own, and achieve a peak mental and emotional state.

BIZ 310 Leadership and Management: Managers who excel are not only skilled at managing others; they are also exceptional leaders. Examine the difference between management and leadership skills and learn to recognize which to use in different situations. In this interactive seminar, participants compare and contrast management and leadership, examine five fundamental practices of exemplary leadership, and discover a natural approach to leadership that works for them. Develop a personal action plan based on your strengths, and explore techniques to develop leadership skills in others. Benefit from a combination of lectures, learning assessment exercises, small-group interaction, and case studies.

Our Faculty

Terry Farris, PhD

Walden University

PhD in Educational Technolocy

Amanda Court, PhD



Abdi Lajevardi