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Program Description

Participants will be able to define a product or brand’s unique value proposition, target markets, and strategies to connect with defined audiences. Participants will be able to specify the overall pricing and distribution strategies of the product or brand, and outline the objectives, metrics, and budgets for all marketing activities. SMstudy Certified Marketing Strategy Experts are facilitators who ensure that well-planned marketing strategies are in place to satisfy the goals set by the Corporate Marketing Strategy or Business Unit/Geographic Strategies.

Why should you take this course?

Sales and Marketing Professionals are looking for new ways to help their company to have a sustainable financial outlook, while they grow both as a professional and benefit financially.

Who Is This Program For?

         This certification is appropriate for Sales and Marketing Professionals and Specialists who are interested in becoming a Marketing Strategy Experts.

  • Evolution of Sales and Marketing
  • Corporate Strategy and its Relationship to Sales and Marketing
  • Aspects of Sales and Marketing
  • Levels of Sales and Marketing Strategy Overview
  • Analyze Market Opportunity
  • Determine Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats
  • Define Competition, Targeting and Positioning
  • Identify Competition and Select Target Segments
  • Create Differentiated Positioning, Decide Marketing Aspects, and Allocate Budget
  • Determine Pricing Strategies, Distribution Strategies, Metrics, Objectives, Marketing Aspects, and Budget Allocation
The theory sections mentioned here will be aided by case studies, exercises and simulations for practical/experiential learning.

Program Modules

Marketing Strategy Expert Level Certification: Marketing Strategy Expert Level Certification

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